A Welcome Letter

Greetings and Welcome to ITPP

According to a famous Chinese proverb a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In much the same way, think of the ITPP as a first step in the journey that will take you through your post-graduate courses in your chosen colleges. Without being proficient in the the necessary English language skills, you can not be truly successful as students within your chosen fields of study. This is why , as per the mission of the ELC at Taibah University, the ITPP staff are all committed to providing you with all the support and guidance to help you. You will need to keep in mind as you make your way through the course that your efforts and your belief in yourselves will be the way to success.

Touch your brave hearts and go ahead.

Good luck and do remember that we will  always be there for you.

Mervat & Sameera


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