How to set up Oxford Learn

The best browser for using Oxford on-line practice is Google Chrome.

1.       Go to the website and click on ‘Register’



2.Complete all the details. Your password must have at least one capital letter and a number



3.       You will see a ‘Thank you’ screen which will confirm your details. Click on ‘log in’ at the bottom and put in the details. Your username is the same as your email address.



4.  After you log in, click on ‘Enter access code’ in the ‘My courses’ section.



5.       Write the code that you have in the back of your book. It will be 12 numbers. Don’t use any dashes (-).



6.       Click on ‘Accept terms and conditions’ and ‘OK’



7.       If you have a joining code from your teacher then you can write it now. Or you can write it later. When you use the joining code, you will be part of your class on and your teacher will be able to see your grades.



8.       You will see this once you have added the course book to your account



9.       The course book will now show in the My courses section of your account homepage.



10.   You can click on ‘Enter access code’ again to add the other course book so you have both in your account. If you didn’t add the joining code before, you can add it now by clicking on ‘Enter joining code’.



11.   Put in the code that your teacher gave you and it will tell you which class you have joined.



12.   You might be asked to confirm that you want to join the class if you joined the class late. Tick both boxes and click ‘OK’.



13.   You might be asked to make a user ID to communicate with the class but you don’t have to give this information.



14.   Now you can click on the book you want to practice e.g. the Reading the Writing.



15.   Click on ‘Go to content’.



16.   You will see all the units on the left side. Choose the unit you want to go to and click on ‘Practice’. Here you see all the different exercises you can choose from.



17.   If you choose ‘Vocabulary 1’ you will get an exercise to do to practice vocabulary that you learnt. Do not click on ‘Submit’ until you have completed all the questions.



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