Handcrafts Activity

During their self-study time, students were teamed up to form four groups. Each group received strips of papers on which they were given the instructions they need to make their springy snakes. Students ordered the instructions using their logic and the textual signal words since the organizational structure is that of a process ( a set of steps). After arranging the paper strips, they started drawing, cutting, gluing, decorating and painting. Lots of laughs filled the room and the final products were displayed in a very special way.





The ladies' products!

Sewing, knitting

Fabrics, sewing, knitting - Clothes, Fashion - Picture Dictionary

1 knitting needle
2 pattern
3 sewing basket
4 hook and eye
5 fastener/snap
6 thread
7 pincushion
8 thimble
9 needle
10 safety pin
11 pin
12 tape measure
13 scissors
14 yarn


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