Reading Comprehension Practice

  Main Idea

Multiple Choice: Choose the main idea of the paragraphs. Remember to make sure the main idea  covers the entire paragraph, not just one sentence.

Supporting Details


4 Responses to Reading Comprehension Practice

  1. eslah says:

    I like this web site.
    I think it is good for me.

  2. doaa bitar says:

    That was an amazing exercise and I learned a lot of things that are more important for TOEFL exam. But in the beginning it was a huge challenge for me because I was very slow and I was scared to make mistakes.
    Thanks for you my great teacher.

  3. alaa says:

    This practice is very enjoyable, because l learned to focus on the main idea ””’
    The website was wonderful.

  4. Well-done ladies!
    Keep practicing and enjoy learning English.


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