Sports Day

The sports day was mainly meant to provide students with a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere, enrich them with vocabulary related to sports and sporting events and encourage them to practice the language skills in a relaxing and enjoyable way. The activities included:

-Mix match synonyms

-Match words with pictures

-Running dictation

-Play volley ball & shoot your answers!

Students practiced writing and speaking skills with running dictation, wrapped up their sports day with reading a text about sports celebrities, practiced scanning and matched phrasal verbs related to sports with their definitions. Students really enjoyed running in the yard matching words with pictures, developed a friendly sense of competition and had lots of laughs during the running dictation activity!

Picture1  Picture2

Team sports

Team Sports – Picture Dictionary

1. score
2. coach
3. team
4. fan
5. player
6. official/ referee
7. basketball court

Team Sports – Picture Dictionary
8. basketball
9. baseball
10. softball
11. football

Team Sports – Picture Dictionary
12. soccer
13. ice hockey
14. volleyball
15. water polo

Individual Sports

Individual Sports – Picture Dictionary

1. archery
2. billiards/ pool
3. bowling
4. cycling/ biking
5. fencing
6. flying disc
7. golf
8. gymnastics

Individual Sports – Picture Dictionary
9. inline skating
10. martial arts
11. racquetball
12. skateboarding
13. table tennis/ Ping- Pong
14. tennis
15. weightlifting
16. wrestling

Individual Sports – Picture Dictionary
17. track and field
18. horse racing

Sports Verbs

Sports Verbs - Picture Dictionary

A. walk
B. jog
C. run
D. throw
E. catch
F. pitch
G. hit

Sports Verbs - Picture Dictionary
H. pass
I. shoot
J. jump
K. dribble / bounce
L. kick
M. tackle

Sports Verbs - Picture Dictionary
N. serve
O. swing
P. exercise/ work out
Q. stretch
R. bend

Sports Verbs - Picture Dictionary
S. dive
T. swim
U. ski
V. skate
W. ride

Sports Verbs - Picture Dictionary

X. start
Y. race
Z. finish

Winter Sports, Water Sports

Winter Sports, Water Sports – Picture Dictionary

1. downhill skiing
2. snowboarding
3. cross- country skiing
4. ice skating

Winter Sports, Water Sports – Picture Dictionary
5. figure skating
6. sledding
7. waterskiing
8. sailing

Winter Sports, Water Sports – Picture Dictionary

9. surfing
10. sailboarding
11. snorkeling
12. scuba diving

Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment – Picture Dictionary

Sports Equipment

1. golf club
2. tennis racket
3. volleyball
4. basketball
5. bowling ball
6. bow
7. arrow
8. target
9. ice skates
10. inline skates
11. hockey stick
12. soccer ball
13. shin guards
14. baseball bat
15. catcher’s mask
16. uniform
17. glove
18. baseball
19. weights
20. football helmet
21. shoulder pads
22. football
23. snowboard
24. skis
25. ski poles
26. ski boots
27. flying disc


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