Crimes , Criminals and emergencies


CRIME%20AND%20EMERGENCIES CRIME AND EMERGENCIES people english through pictures
1 car accident
2 fire
3 explosion
4 robbery
5 burglary
6 mugging
7 kidnapping
8 lost child
9 carjacking
10 bank robbery
11 assault
12 murder
13 blackout/power outage
14 gas leak
15 water main break
16 downed power line
17 chemical spill
18 train derailment
19 vandalism
20 gang violence
21 drunk driving
22 drug dealing

Picture Dictionary / Place / Crime

1. vandalism
2. gang violence
3. drunk driving
4. illegal drugs

Picture Dictionary / Place / Crime
5. mugging
6. burglary
7. assault
8. murder & crime scene
9. gun

Please check the following table that we have created in class. Many thanks go to Alaa’ for typing it up.

Criminal/ Offender


Action/ verb


Pickpocket Pickpocketing To pickpocket
Thief theft To steal/ thieve
Shoplifter Shoplifting To shoplift
Murderer murder To murder
Kidnapper Kidnapping To kidnap*Ransom: money that is paid to sb so that they will set free a person who is being kept as a prisoner by them = *Hostage
Drug dealer/Drug trafficker Drug dealing/Drug trafficking To buy/ sell/ traffic in drugs
Forger Forgery To forge
Arsonist Arson To burn/ to set fire to (esp. a building)
Assaulter Assault To assault
Vandal Vandalism To vandalize = vandalise
Robber Robbery To rob

A detective     is someone whose job is to discover information about crimes and find out who is responsible for them.

Do please check the following PowerPoint presentation for more information about the world of crime.

Have fun & enjoy learning!



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